DFR – erneut Thema auf einem internationalen Symposium

Ahmed Hussein, Team-Mitglied des Projekts Dual Fluid Reaktor (DFR), wird am 24.06.13 den “Dual Fluid Reaktor (DFR)” in einem Vortrag in Kanada vorstellen. Veranstalter ist TRIUMF (Tri University Meson Facility), Kanadas nationales Forschungszentrum für Partikel und Nuklearphysik.

Prof. Ahmed Hussein Professor Emeritus der Physik an der University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), war von 1994 bis 2005 Gründungsprofessor der Fakultät für Physik an der UNBC. Er ist führend an der Forschung in Kern- und Teilchenphysik am TRIUMF, Kanada, und am Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, beteiligt.

Abstract: The Dual Fluid Reactor (DFR) is a novel nuclear reactor concept based on the Generation IV Molten-Salt Reactor (MSR) concept and the liquid-metal cooled reactors (SFR, LFR) with the major improvement that the molten-salt fuel is not used as coolant but the heat is removed in a separate liquid-lead loop. It is a fast reactor, that consumes all fissionable materials like U233, U235, U238, Pu239, natural Thorium, etc. It has much simpler design, passive safety, and produces much less nuclear waste than currently used nuclear power reactors. It does not emit any radioactivity or green house gases during operation. It costs as much as a coal fired power station to construct and operate. There are more benefits that will be discussed in the talk.



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